Saturday, December 19, 2009

Heartland Yoga: Prenatal Yoga and Mindful Birthing Class

Winter Prenatal Classes at Heartland Yoga!
Offering childbirth preparation in a safe, healing environment.

2 Classes to consider......
Prenatal Class - Tuesdays, Jan 5 - Jan 26, 6:30 - 7:45PM (4 week session)And/OrSundays, Jan 10- Feb 21, 12:30-1:45PM (6 week session)These classes are based on yoga theory and are designed to safely stretch and relax the mom-to-be in each trimester. No yoga background is necessary. This is a great opportunity to do something for yourself and your baby and to meet other moms-to-be. You may chose to take both sessions for biweekly yoga, or chose to attend just once per week. Taught by Jenn Bowen.
4 week session ........ $50 6 week session ........ $75

Mindful Birthing Class - Saturdays, January 16 - February 27, 11-2PMThis 7-week class is designed to prepare expectant mothers and their partners for the birthing experience. Tools that will be taught include prenatal yoga, mindfulness meditation, hypnosis for pain and anxiety management for childbirth, active birth postures, and supportive ways to think about your labor and birth without fear and one that empowers you. This course is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy, especially your third trimester. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Mothers may attend class alone or with birthing partners. Taught by Monica Brasille, Janelle Railey, & Betsy Rippentrop. Your insurance or flex spending account may cover this class.
7 week class ......... $250

To RegisterAll of the prenatal classes require registration. To register, email us the class and time you want to attend at Or, call us at 319-354-4062.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Precautions: Birth through Babies

December 8, 2009
KWWL Storm Track 7 Blizzard Warning beginning at Noon for much of NE Iowa. Winter Storm Warning the rest of the state. Snow may become heavy late PM...heavy snow likely tonight...extreme wind with blizzard conditions Wed. Storm total snow 6-12" likely...a few heavier amounts possible. Travel will be difficult if not impossible.

With the impending blizzard warnings the grocery stores are bustling with Iowans bracing for the storm of the year. Pregnant women and careproviders of our littlest babes must make extra precautions and preparations. If the power goes out what will a mother do who exclusively uses a breastpump to feed her infant? If the roads are closed what will a woman do if she goes into labor?

I wanted to share a few winter reminders to keep you and your little ones safe.

· Take precautions when walking on ice/snow while pregnant or while carrying a child. Wear boots with good grip or add YakTraks for super traction.
· Double up socks and gloves for little ones. We put socks over the gloves and jacket all the way up to their elbow so that the gloves won’t fall off
· Protect little faces from wind and the elements with a barrier: Aquaphor or Vaseline
· Never, ever put the keys on the car door handle when buckling seatbelts or packing things into the car. ALWAYS keep the keys on your body AND check to confirm that you have the keys prior to closing the door. I used to put the keys on the door pocket and forgot once. When I closed the door the vibration triggered the key lock and Khai was locked in the car.

When Khoi was a baby we were driving home and slipped into the car in front of us. Just a small fender bender but it was quite some time that we had to wait in freezing conditions for the accident report to be written.
· Make sure your gas tank is on the plus side of half so that you can keep the car warm during a wait
· Keep extra blankets and food for both you and your little ones
· If you are feeding your baby via bottle keep an extra bottle, water, and powder formula in the car. That way even if your baby is usually fed expressed breastmilk you will have something in an emergency. Or have a manual breastpump and an extra bottle in the car.
· Keep extra socks, gloves, hat for both you and baby in case they get wet
· Plus emergency supplies

If you are pregnant:
· If you fall you should report to your primary careprovider to be evaluated
· If you are close to your due date and a storm is predicted, consider staying with friends or family who live close to your planned hospital
· If you go into labor and there are winter storm conditions making travel very hazardous, call for an ambulance to transport you. If even then the transport is too far, dangerous, or you are close to delivery, the EMT’s can support you at your home. Aim for a controlled environment rather than being out on the road.

Strom Preparations for all of us:
· With a storm predicted assume that your power will go out. Clean the dishes and laundry.
We boil water and keep it in a mega thermos to make tea, coffee, oatmeal, and Ramen.
· Have flashlights with working batteries and candles in an easily accessible place
· Do you have food that is easy to prepare and clean up?
· Diapers. If you cloth diaper, you may want an emergency supply of disposables for when you can’t wash the cloth
· If you baby does not feed exclusively at the breast have an emergency supply of formula.
Have a manual breastpump and or batteries for your breast pump.

Above all stay safe, warm and enjoy the beautiful calm that the snow brings.
Your doula,
Bamboo Birth Services- Certified Birth Doula

Please pass this important message on to your friends and loved ones

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Support in Labor Increases Positive Birth Outcomes

WASHINGTON (April 28, 2009)—For pregnant women who want a shorter labor that is likely to have fewer complications, a doula just may be the answer. Research indicates that, in childbirth, a woman feels better when supported by people she trusts and those who use encouragement. Therefore, Lamaze International recommends that women bring a loved one, friend or doula for continuous support during childbirth.

A doula is a trained professional who emotionally and physically supports a laboring woman. With the sole intent to help create a positive birth experience, a doula’s presence reinforces that no woman has to labor on her own.

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