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Birth Plan Workshop and Birth Movement Workshop: March

Birth Plan Workshop

Taught by Jun-Nicole Matsushita of Bamboo Birth Services, Certified Birth Doula

March 5, 2011, 11-1 PM

Location: Heartland Yoga, 221 E. College St, 1st Level; Iowa City

Attendees of the Birth Plan Workshop will learn about:

The structure of a birth plan

How to write an efficient and effective document

How to use the birth plan as a communication tool:

a) Writing the document

b) With your care provider

c) With your hospital birth team

An overview of hospital birth interventions, procedures and options

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to submit their birth plan drafts for review.

The workshop is intended to complement and not replace comprehensive childbirth education courses.

$50 fee per couple

Discount for students of Iowa City Doulas childbirth educators: Mindful Birthing and Bradley Childbirth with Kara and Marcus Seaton, and clients of Iowa City Doulas

To register please contact: or call 319 430 6736

Birth Movement Workshop

Taught by author and certified birth doula, Jun-Nicole Matsushita of Bamboo Birth Services

March 12, 2011, 11-1 PM

Location: Heartland Yoga, 221 E. College St, 1st Level; Iowa City

Attendees of the Birth Movement Workshop will:

Receive the Ebook of the 2011 instructional book, Birth Movement: How to use the birth sling, squat bar, birth ball and positions for your no-to-low intervention hospital birth

Learn about the benefits of movement and mobility during birth

How to use movement, the birth sling, squat bar and birth ball

How to adjust positions through the stages of labor

Accommodations and appropriate positions for both unmedicated and medicated birth (epidural and narcotics)

The Birth Movement workshop is intended as a preparation for pregnant women and their birth partners, for doulas, nurses, midwives, obstetricians and others who are interested in learning how to use movement and low-tech methods to promote and support no-to-low intervention hospital births.

The workshop is intended to complement and not replace comprehensive childbirth education courses.

$50 fee per couple

Discount for students of Iowa City Doulas childbirth educators: Mindful Birthing and Bradley Childbirth with Kara and Marcus Seaton, and clients of Iowa City Doulas

To register please contact: or call 319 430 6736
Bamboo Birth Services
"empowering no-to-low intervention hospital births"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bamboo Birth: February News

Bamboo Birth: February News, 2011

Dear Bamboo Birth Families and supporters,

The year is off to a bustling start. There have been and are a number of fantastic educational events just around the corner. One of the givens of birth is the unpredictable nature of every birth; however, with that said birth does tend to follow a flow, an unfolding. I have found that families who prepare for the process in a number of ways can ease into the birth and parenting journey with flexibility and confidence. How to prepare and establish a positive birth attitude or energy? Reading, childbirth classes, support and encouragement, and guarding yourselves from birth horror stories and doubters. If you are pregnant stay within your positive birth bubble. If you are a parent or care provider let’s be aware of how vulnerable and suggestive a pregnant woman can be. Share your positive experiences with her. Step in if negativity starts to permeate the birth conversation.

In an effort to send this newsletter out prior to a number of upcoming events I will keep this brief. Please remember that you can find Bamboo Birth on Facebook and Twitter and the Bamboo Blog. I also welcome you to connect on the new message board located on the Bamboo Birth website.

Sending smiles,


Events and Announcements:

• Meet the Doulas: Speed Dating Style, Thursday, February 10, 7-9 PM. Panera Bread, Sycamore Mall, back lounge area. Opening greeting and talk followed by rotation through doulas, childbirth educators, and educational stations. Free and open to the public.

• International Cesarean Awareness Network, Wednesday, February 16, 6:30-8:30 PM, Robinson Family Wellness, 2140 Norcor Ave., Coralville, IA

Topic: Childbirth Choices: EMPOWER Informed Consent, Guest Speaker: Jun-Nicole Matsushita, CD(CBI) of Bamboo Birth Services. Support group will begin at 7:30 p.m.

All women, their partners, and their children are welcome!

• Mindful Birthing Childbirth Class starts February 6

• Kinderfarm preschool Open Registration for summer and fall sessions begins February 15, 2011.

5th Annual Conscious Birth Summit, January 15, 2011
What an amazing event, Thank you to all those who participated and a big thank you to the mastermind behind the scenes, Kristin Bergman. It is wonderful to see the birth community unite in an effort to educate, connect and ultimately come together to support families in their journeys through pregnancy and parenthood.

I was honored to join the panels about Doulas and Childbirth Educators and later Doulas and Hospital Careproviders. I was also thrilled to see a number of you throughout the day and specifically in the audience of the Birth Movement workshop. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties and the projector crashed. Since the goal was to view the photographs and share how to use birth positions and birth tools for a no-to-low intervention hospital birth, I offered to share the Ebook with each participant.

The Conscious Birth summit promotes and supports the work of Friends of Iowa Midwives

Any Questions should be directed to Kristin Bergman, 319-621-0335

Sponsors: Robinson Family Wellness, Heartland Yoga, The Red Avocado, Iowa Midwives Association, Iowa City Doulas

Press Coverage:


Birth Movement: How to use the birth sling, squat bar, birth ball and positions for your no-to-low intervention hospital birth, 2011, by Jun-Nicole Matsushita

Review by Bamboo Mama, Nicole Forsythe: “I just recently gave birth to my first child and wanted a no- or low-intervention birth because I know that outcomes for moms and babies tend to be less favorable as interventions stack up. I aimed to be healthy and active through pregnancy and likewise wanted a healthy and active birth experience. Birth Movement helped me to prepare intellectually and physically for birth by showing me the many ways I could labor and push - I knew I would likely not want to be flat on my back but didn't really know before the book exactly HOW I could position myself. I even assumed the squat bar was unusable until I saw the setup in the book! I was fortunate enough to work with Jun-Nicole (the author) during my labor and found that I needed several different positions at different times, and that my body really had to guide me in the moment. The book helped me to be prepared and confident in knowing that there were many options I could choose from depending on what I was feeling at any given time. I personally used sifting on the back, belly lifts, side-lying, upright resting, and the squat bar with sling, among others - when pushing was at its most intense I was very thankful for the knowledge in this book and how it helped me feel prepared! I strongly recommend this book to any pregnant woman desiring an active birth where she is empowered and able to find her best position for her body. I'd also recommend any mom-to-be to encourage her support team to get and study the book - this would include her partner, doctor or midwife, doula, attending family member, hospital nurses, or even people who surround and support her care, such as a chiropractor. I believe this book will help empower women during one of the most powerful experiences of her life!”

Discovery Toys: Learning toys, books, music, and games

• 20 Products, 20% sale, for 20 days

Fantastic February 20/20/20 Sale. 20 Products / 20% / 20 Days

• Interested in joining the DT Team? New educational consultant kit, $99

• Online catalog: 

• MEASURE UP!® SHOVEL, $8, free shipping. Scoop up learning fun with this large-size sturdy shovel specially designed to turn snow, sand, or water play into an instant math activity. Shovel handle features measuring marks showing 12 inches along one side and 30 centimeters along the other. 22" (56 cm) long. Khai and Khoi love digging in the snow banks and later in the sand and garden beds. We are getting these mega shovels for the boys and as a gift for their Kindergarden and preschool. Learning through fun Motor skills, measurement, and outdoor exploration.

Bamboo Mamas Playtime
3rd Tuesday of every month, Mercer Park/Scanlon Gym Tot Lot, 9:30AM’ish

Guest Article: BY Shuva Rahim of Accent Photographics


On-location lifestyle photography is a unique experience. And choosing to document your love story – be it in the form of a maternity, newborn, family or child session – in a place you're most comfortable (usually in your home) and in natural light is the best way to capture you and your loved ones for who they are.

My sessions revolve greatly around getting to know you, instead of simply just putting you in front the camera and telling you to smile.

With that in mind, I schedule 3 separate appointments with that revolves around each photo shoot:

Pre-session Consultation: We go over the kinds of photos you like, clothing guidelines, products, pricing and location. All my products are a la carte, and include Digital Files, Prints and Specialty Albums. Maternity clients receive special rates on Birth and Newborn lifestyle shoots. Prices start at $20 for 5x7 prints and $40 per digital file.

Session: The actual photo shoot happens on-location (either at your home or at a site where you're most comfortable). Most of my sessions take roughly 1 hour to 90 minutes.

View and Choose: Prior to this final appointment you receive an online gallery so you can preview the images before finalizing your order. During the ordering, I am happy to answer questions and give you a closer preview of images. The end result is a final experience and product I hope you will cherish for years.

Check out recent sessions and other tidbits on the blog at and/or view galleries on the Website -

Best wishes,


My mission to my clients is to help them experience birth as an empowering life event in the hospital setting. I work to educate women about their birth options and choices so that they are able to make informed choices during the pregnancy, birth, and as parents. My mission to the community is to connect birth workers and to make the term “doula” a household name. What is a doula?

Gift certificates are available for babywearing consultations, postpartum doula support, birth support, and birth plan consultations. You can also request business cards to include in shower invitations. Birth and postpartum services are for Iowa City families; birth plan consultations can be nationwide with communication performed via phone and e-mail.

Referral challenge: do you know somebody who is pregnant and wants to experience a positive, safe, natural birth in the hospital environment? A good referral for me is a woman planning to give birth with little or no interventions in an Iowa City hospital, a woman who wants to learn labor coping skills such as guided imagery, hypnobirthing or active birthing, or a woman who is attempting a vaginal birth after a cesarean section (VBAC). You'll know it is a good time to refer to me when you hear one of these things: I want somebody with me during the entire birth. I want to be prepared to avoid interventions at the hospital so that I can make informed decisions. I want somebody there with us to support my partner, or I had a horrible birth last time and want somebody there to support me this time. When you hear any of these statements send them to my website at

Greetings from my family to yours.

Your Bamboula,


Bamboo Birth Newsletter management

We grow by "word-of-email" so you may absolutely forward this newsletter to anyone whom you think might benefit from it. When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including our contact information. Thank you and enjoy!

Your bamboula,

Jun-Nicole Matsushita

Bamboo Birth Services

Certified Birth Doula

“empowering no-to-low intervention hospital births”

319 430 6736

Bamboo Birth News is written by Jun-Nicole Matsushita. If you have any questions or comments, please send them to:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mindful Birthing Childbirth Class starts February 6

Mindful Birthing Childbirth Class begins February 6

Mindful Birthing: A Course for Expectant Mothers & Couples

"The next course will start February 6, 2011. The class runs on Sundays from 2:00-5:00. Cost is $250 (this includes your partner) and registration is required.

Mindful Birthing is designed to help mothers and their partners communicate their desires about labor and birth, learn to trust their instinctive voice, and allow their fears to be resolved prior to birthing. This class is not specific to one way of birthing or method of childbirth as we believe births unfold in organic and unique ways. There are as many ways to give birth as there are mothers and babies. Instead of learning one method, many practices that have proven beneficial in having an ideal birthing experience will be presented.

Tools that will be taught include prenatal yoga, mindfulness meditation, hypnosis for pain and anxiety management for childbirth, active birth postures, and supportive ways to think about your labor and birth without fear and one that empowers you.

This course is appropriate for all stages or pregnancy, especially your third trimester. No previous yoga experience is necessary. Mothers may attend class alone or with birthing partners.

In 2011, our courses will start February 6, June 5, and October 2.

Class teachers are Janelle Railey, MA, Betsy Rippentrop, PhD, Monica Brasile, and Jennifer DeSlippe Harmon.

To register, please download form, and send with check to Heartland Yoga, 221 E College St, Suite 213, Iowa City, IA, 52240. Kindly refer questions to, or call us at 319-354-4062."