Sunday, July 24, 2011

Radio Interview: Birthing Options in Iowa

Birthing Options in Iowa

6/28/2011 filed by Talk of Iowa

Natural, medical or surgical; hospital, birthing center or home; obstetrician or midwife: today's mothers-to-be have access to more information and more choices than the generations of mothers who have come before.  Guests are: Katherine Parker Bryden, a doula; Lynne Himmelreich, a Certified Nurse-Midwife; and Dr. Abbey Hardy-Fairbanks, an Ob-Gyn.  All are from Iowa City. 

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Welcome Katie Sullenbrand, new CNM in SE Iowa

I had the pleasure of meeting Katie Sullenbrand,CNM, of Eastern Iowa Midwifery. Katie offers homebirth services in the Eastern Iowa corridor. 

"I'm Katie Sullenbrand, a certified nurse-midwife, and I've recently
moved back to Iowa after spending the past several years in
Washington, DC and in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I'm excited to
be offering homebirth and well-woman services to clients in the
greater Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area. As a bit of background, I
completed my nursing degree at the University of Iowa and my master's
in nurse-midwifery at the Frontier School of Midwifery & Family
Nursing. My clinical training took place in Pennsylvania with a
primarily Amish population. I enjoy combining the intensive
evidence-based education I received at Frontier with the traditional
wisdom of homebirth midwifery; other passions include waterbirth,
cloth diapering, babywearing, nutrition, and breastfeeding support.
Both of my daughters (born in 2009 and 2011) were waterbirths at home,
and so I appreciate firsthand the importance of holistic options for
giving birth. I am currently accepting new clients; I can be reached
by email at, or by phone at (319)
481-8772, and you can visit for more

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Postnatal Yoga: Call for Research Participants

Postpartum women ages 18 to 50 who have given birth within the past 12 months are invited to participate in a research study investigating a postnatal yoga program for improving women's health

Brief overview of study:
We are interested in looking at the effects of an 8-week postnatal yoga program on women's psychological functioning and health-related quality of life. If eligible to participate, participants will be randomized into either a yoga or wait-list control (WLC) group. Participants in the yoga group will be asked to participate in 16 1-hour yoga classes over an 8 week period, along with completing a 1-hour yoga practice each week at home (postnatal yoga DVD provided to study participants). Participants in the WLC group will be asked to wait an 8-week period; at the end of the 8-week period, participants will receive 16 free yoga classes. Participants in both groups will complete 4 assessments, including a telephone interview (~10 minute/interview) and a questionnaire packet (~ 20 minutes/packet) over the course of the 8-week period and one assessment 2 months after the 8-week period. Free yoga classes and compensation for completed assessments will be provided.

Eligibility criteria (this can be assessed online or over the phone - takes approximately 10 minutes):
- Currently experiencing emotional difficulties
- Within 12 months postpartum
- Between the ages of 18-50
- Not currently in treatment (psychotherapy/medications) for mental health reasons
- Live within 30 miles of Iowa City (or be willing to drive to Coralville to take yoga classes)
- No yoga practice in the past month at a studio with a yoga instructor
- No significant medical condition that is currently untreated (e.g., severe asthma)
- At least 6 weeks postpartum if baby delivered via C-section/other method with the exception of vaginal delivery

If interested, and you have yet to do so, you may complete an online eligibility screen at: or contact me directly by phone (319.335.0307) to complete the eligibility screen.

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Birth Movement Class: Portland, OR

July 11, 2011- Vancouver, Washington.

Birth Movement Workshop

Register today for this interactive workshop taught by author and certified birth doula, Jun-Nicole Matsushita of Iowa City, Iowa.

During this workshop you will learn about the benefits of movement and mobility during birth. You will practice how to use movement, the birth sling, squat bar and birth ball; how to adjust positions through the stages of labor for both unmedicated and medicated birth. Upon registration attendees will receive the Ebook, Birth Movement: How to use the birth sling, squat bar, birth ball and positions for your no-to-low intervention hospital birth, 2011, Matsushita.

The Birth Movement workshop is intended as a preparation for pregnant women and their birth partners; for doulas, nurses, midwives, obstetricians and others who are interested in learning how to use movement and low-tech methods to promote and support no-to-low intervention hospital births.

Time: 1-3PM – Location: SOHO Marketing Institute, 953 Officers Row, Vancouver, Washington – To register add workshop to shopping cart- Price: $45 for two participants!workshops