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What are other Bamboo Birth moms saying about Sweet Feet Yoga?

Bamboo Mama and Baby Testimonials
“I have attended classes at Sweet Feet Yoga since before my daughter was born, since I first enrolled in a pre-natal yoga class.  The pre-natal class was VERY helpful in preparing for childbirth, and I spent a significant amount of my labor in table pose!  We began attending the Baby & Me class when my daughter was six weeks old, and it was a wonderful to learn how to interact with her in ways that promoted her growth and development, and also helped with ideas to soothe her tummy when she had gas.  We have continued in Sweet Feet Yoga and currently participate in the Babies & Tots class.  She loves to move to the music, stretch her body, and interact with the other children.  She is now showing what she has learned in Sweet Feet Yoga in her daily life - I saw her doing fish pose yesterday!” – Lanaya E.
“As a young lady I found yoga to be calming for my mind and benifical for my body in many ways. I am amazed at the different postures and the benefits that each pose has for our organs and the brain being a key organ in our body!

After birthing my daughter  I was certain that I wanted yoga and relaxation to be a fundamental part in Eleanor’s development as a young confident being. Eleanor and I started attending Sweet Feet Yoga when she was about 16 weeks new! I found the small class sizes and the adorable babies exciting.  I am certain that Eleanor loved seeing other little ones her size also. I especially enjoyed doing the Lampa Seasons, every little face was cheerful and the smiles are so very rewarding.  While attending the Baby and Me sessions there were times where awesome information was shared between the other mothers. There were comparisons that were made and real life topics that were brought up to let me know that all mothers have some of the same trials to overcome.

Monday's have always been a day Eleanor and I look forward to! Every Sunday we talk about our week and what is going to happen, yoga is always one of the first activities that we mention! 

I find that many of the postures that we practice at Sweet Feet Yoga come in handy in other aspects of our life, for example "kicky, kicky cobra" this is a great move and term that Eleanor has heard now for over one year. I am incorporating "kicky kicky cobra"  into swimming. She knows exactly what to do and it is so cute!! I am thankful that anytime Eleanor was/is unhappy as an infant, and now into her toddler years , I can sing a song from yoga, or ask her to do a pose and she almost instantly snaps out of her unhappiness and into the confident happy little lady that she is. I know that the comfort Eleanor gets from being in yoga and having yoga as part of her weekly routine is much appreciated, her smile tells me so!

I tell lots of new and expecting mothers about the amazing program that Dana offers. Eleanor enjoys saying Dana's name and gets excited to "buzz like a bee" and climb the wall in Sweet Feet Yoga studio!

As a mother I enjoy the new ideas that I learn from Dana. Little things like putting towels on the floor to skate like penguins... Blowing on our hands to feel the hot and cold breath we are able to make... Amazing ideas come to me weekly after visiting with Dana at Sweet Feet Yoga. Eleanor and I are very lucky to have Dana in our life! Thank you for offering this amazing program that little ones can constantly grow. We love it!”—Stevie T.

Yoga: Bonding with your baby before and after birth

Bonding with Your Baby Before and After Birth with
Sweet Feet Yoga
by Dana Robinson, 2012

Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time, feeling the tiny butterfly kicks in your belly, perhaps an ultrasound picture of your little one--in all these ways you begin to know that there is an amazing little being growing inside you, and you begin to bond with your baby.  Reading, playing music or singing to your baby, and massaging your belly are all ways to begin bonding with your unborn child.  Research now shows what we all seem to instinctively know, that bonding with your child before and after birth is important for you and your baby.  It is shown to reduce stress levels in both you and your child, and a healthy attachment is shown to help babies learn how to trust and believe that the world is a safe place.

Yoga is another wonderful way to bond with your baby both before and after birth.  At Sweet Feet Yoga we offer Prenatal Yoga classes and Baby & Me classes that are great ways for you to relax and relieve stress, as well as spend quality time with your little one.

Our Prenatal Yoga class is taught by Jennifer Deslippe, a registered yoga teacher certified in prenatal yoga, and a mother to a sweet active toddler.  Jennifer’s Prenatal Yoga classes focus on creating space in the body, mind, and heart for the new addition in your life.  You will learn to honor your body as it grows and changes, building body and breath awareness and confidence in yourself. 

·       Wednesdays @ 6:30pm and Saturdays @ 8:30am

·       Join for a 6-week session (on either Wednesdays or Saturdays) or get a 10-class punch card to attend any 10 prenatal classes within 2 months!

Our Baby & Me class is taught by Dana Robinson, owner of Sweet Feet Yoga (see bio below).  This class is filled with dozens of unique yoga postures designed to support your baby’s development, as well as help with calming  your baby.  You will learn poses to help your baby with sleep, digestion, and body awareness.  During a Baby & Me class, babies enjoy yoga while on their backs, tummies, or held in loving arms. For you, the parent, this class is a special opportunity to meet other moms, get support, and learn about your baby’s emerging personality. Most of the yoga we do is for your little one, but you will also learn breathing and relaxation techniques as you practice a bit of yoga yourself. No yoga experience is required.

·       Baby & Me (6wks.-crawling) is held on Mondays @ 11:15am

·       Babies & Tots (3m.-18m.) is held on Tuesdays @ 5:30pm

We look forward to meeting you and your little one in one of our classes soon.  We truly enjoy walking with you on this exciting journey of pregnancy and beyond!

Here are a few other classes and services you may enjoy at Sweet Feet Yoga and Robinson Family Wellness:

·       Prenatal Chiropractic care with Dr. Ron, a family wellness chiropractor certified in pregnancy and pediatric care

·       Acupuncture with Dr. Nate

·       Prenatal Massage

·       Bradley Birthing classes on Mondays @ 6:30pm (registration required for this 12 week course)

·       Yoga classes for children birth-14 with Dana Robinson

·       Body Works classes with our Personal Trainer, John Helmsley

About Sweet Feet Yoga and Dana Robinson:
Sweet Feet Yoga is the first yoga studio in Iowa focused on Kids and Families.  Classes for children birth-14 years old, as well as Prenatal Yoga, are held weekly.  Family classes are held the first Saturday of each month.
Sweet Feet Yoga was started in 2006 by Dana Robinson and is located within Robinson Family Wellness in Coralville, IA.  Dana is a registered yoga teacher and registered children’s yoga teacher with 300+ hours of specialized training in children’s yoga and 6 years experience with teaching yoga to children from birth thru high school.  She combines her experience in yoga, music, developmental movement, early childhood education, and as a mom to three young children to create classes and workshops that are unique to the students’ interests and strengths. Dana strives to help each child through yoga to build confidence, body awareness, and self-esteem while discovering their own unique talents.  Come play with us!

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