Friday, May 10, 2013

Back to Work. Bamboo News, May 2013

Dear Bamboo Birth Friends and Colleagues,


My apologies for such a long news absence. Some of you may know that I was quite ill this spring. For quite some time my ribs were cramping at births, I thought it was from the physical labor of providing labor support. In April I had bouts of severe abdominal pain; a visit to the ER lead to surgery and a six day hospital stay. By an incredible coincidence I did not have any clients for the months of April and May. Once returning home I remained homebound in April. May 1, I resumed office and meeting duties. I am very much looking forwards to attending births once again in June. Thank you to each of you who reached out with well wishes, support, nurturing food and drinks, visits and your healing practices. I can’t tell you how much your efforts touched me and carried me back to health.


Presently, I am obeying doctor orders with an activity restriction for one more week, listening to my body, and really learning from this experience.


Did you know that May is the International Month of the Doula? Can you help me spread the doula love? Share your positive experiences of working with a doula. Send a testimonial. The ultimate compliment is to recommend doula support to your patients, work and home communities.


Sending smiles,

Your bamboula




* Happy Mother’s Day. It is an honor to witness your women on their journeys into motherhood


*Meet the Doulas: Int’l Month of the Doula, May 15, 7-9PM, Panera Bread- back area, Sycamore Mall, Iowa City


* Birth Movement Workshop: Saturday, June 1, 2013, 1-3 PM, Sweet Feet Yoga Studio at Robinson Family Wellness, 221 E. College St, Suite 213, Iowa City

Taught by author and certified birth doula, Jun-Nicole Matsushita of Bamboo Birth Services

To register please visit 

This workshop is designed for pregnant women and their birth partners, and professionals who work with pregnant and birthing women

 “From the Womb to the Playroom to the Classroom with Jun Bug Fun”

Usborne Books& More

Children’s books at Usborne Books:

We have fantastic books for new siblings to be, toddlers through school age



• My mission to my clients is to help them experience birth as a positive life event in the hospital setting. I work to educate women about their birth options and choices so that they are able to make informed choices during the pregnancy, birth, and as parents. My mission to the community is to connect birth workers and to make the term “doula” a household name. What is a doula?

Referral challenge: do you know somebody who is pregnant and wants to experience a positive, safe, natural birth in the hospital environment?  A good referral for me is a woman planning to give birth with little or no interventions in an Iowa City hospital, a woman who wants to learn labor coping skills such as guided imagery, hypnobirthing or active birthing, or a woman who is attempting a vaginal birth after a cesarean section (VBAC).  You'll know it is a good time to refer to me when you hear one of these things: I want somebody with me during the entire birth. I want to be prepared to avoid interventions at the hospital so that I can make informed decisions. I want somebody there with us to support my partner, or I had a horrible birth last time and want somebody there to support me this time. When you hear any of these statements send them to my website at


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Your bamboula,

Jun-Nicole Matsushita

Bamboo Birth Services

Certified Birth Doula

“empowering no-to-low intervention hospital births”



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